Creating Success for Your Business

Creating Success for Your Business

There are many things a business can do to seek help, but the majority of businesses don’t know where to go.

Well, below we have a list of the top six sources of advice for anything ranging from seeking advice to full on seeking for funding. They all have their pros and cons but they all have some really valuable information that will help you as it has definitely helped us here at Teamchart.

  1. Local Growth Hubs

The current government has been investing in Growth Hubs around the UK. Their main aims are to are to make advice and support accessible to all. The local growth hubs are led by their Local Enterprise Partnerships which is a private consortium that brings local businesses leaders, councils, universities and other interest groups to help support and grow businesses.

  1. Business Support Helpline

The business support line is a government led organisation that is available through multiple online and offline methods. They have the ability to answer any question, query or business issue that you may encounter totally free. Click the hyperlink above for their free email, web chat or social media support or the following number for their helpline 0300 456 3565. This service was made for aspiring and established businesses to help you set up, run and grow your enterprise.

  1. MentorsMe

A mentor can really help you generate new ideas and grow your business. But finding one can be tricky, which is why the MentorsMe hub is such a great portal. With over 115 organisations registered and a free search tool to help you find a mentor whatever stage of business you’re at, it’s a great resource to get you the 1:1 support you need. This is beneficial for all those small businesses that are trying to get their foot in the door of a populated market.

  1. Federation of Small Business

The FSB is a membership organisation for small businesses, giving advice and support as well as championing small business and bringing important issues to Government. As a member, you get access to impartial advice, finance, networking and support and costs from £130 per annum.

  1. Business is Great

This is another government funded scheme that is focused on more of the comprehensive coverage for all businesses whatever their position is.  With the availability of an app and a comprehensive website with information and advice on finance, employment, skills, new markets, ideas and regulation for small businesses in the UK. You’ll find lots of helpful blogs and it’s a good starting point when looking for advice.

  1. Better Business Finance

If you’re looking for funding or finance to help you start or develop your business, this website is a fantastic starting point. Their goal is to help improve access to finance for small businesses and make it easier to make an informed decision.